Python Interview Questions 07 Nov

Python Interview Questions

Today , I will share basic python questions asked in every interview whether for the post of beginner Python Developer or an Intermediate Developer

  1. What are the generators and decorators in python?
  2. What are the different categorizations of SQL statements?
  3. How to convert a tuple into a list?
  4. What are views in SQL?
  5. What is reduce, filter, and map functions in python?
  6. What is __init__ in python?
  7. What is the REST API?
  8. Have you ever heard about informatics?
  9. What is a flat-file?
  10. What are joints in SQL and explain the difference between Inner and outer join
  11. Difference between extend and append in python
  12. What is the lambda function in python? Why and where we use it?
  13. What is Inheritance and name different types of Inheritance supported by python?
  14. How can we add three dictionaries in python?
  15. How to sort list having strings in it?
  16. Why we use *args and **kwargs?

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