Python Basics on Lists ||Interview Questions

python basics on lists

Question1 : How to append a new element in a list already defined?

Question2 : Write a python snippet to concatenate 2 lists in python?

Question3 : How can we insert a value in a list at particular index?

Question4 : How to remove an element from a list in python?

Question5 : How to reverse a list in python?

Question6 : Write a python snippet to count the number of occurances of some value in the lsit?

Question7 : How to sort a list in python?

Question8: How can we clear all elements from a list?

Question9 : How to delete an element from a list?

Question10 : What are nested lists?

Question11 : Write a python snippet to remove all duplicate values in a list?

Question12 : Write a python program to find the length of list?

Question13: write a python snippet to check whether an item is in the list or not?

Question14 :Write a python snippet to check if list is empty or not?

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