Python Basic Interview Questions 06 Nov 2020

python interview questions

Today I will share some basic python interview questions for beginners.

Alert: Try to answer the questions yourself before looking out at the answers . In addition to this, if you want to get Pdfs of more advanced questions comment below.

Python Exercise Basics Date- 06 Nov. 20

Level: Beginner

Q1: What are namespaces in python?

Q2: Which is the latest python version released?

Q3: How to verify if python is installed on your system?

Q4: How can we launch Python Interactive shell in command line?

Q5: What are the three different ways to close a python shell?

Q6: How can I print string in command line without creating a python file?

Q7: How to check variable defined by you is not in the predefined keyword list

Q8: How to check the type of variable in python?

Q9: How can you assign multiple values to multiple variables in one line in python?

Q10: Which symbol is used by python as its indentation?

Q11: Which is PEP8 style of Indentation?

Now , answers are :

Ans1: A namespace is a collection of names. In Python, you can imagine a namespace as a mapping of every name you have defined to corresponding objects.

A2 : python 3.9.0 released on  5th October 2020


$python –version

A4 :


A5 : exit() ,quit() or press ctrl+D

A6: python -c ‘print(“Hello World”)’


import keyword


print(type(variable name))

A9: : a,b,c = 1,2,3

A10: Colon symbol (:)

A11: to use 4spaces instead of using tabs

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To know more about python interview questions for intermediate and advanced levels ,comment below.

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